The fact remains that Panem is a futuristic North America. North America is currently only 57% white, with that percentage decreasing. There is absolutely no reason to make a leap and believe that Panem has more white people than we do now. If anything, looking at scientific population projections there would be less. Suzanne Collins did not need to spell this out for you in the book. It is common knowledge that North America does not equal the USA alone, and that it is the most racially diverse continent on earth, with all evidence pointing to it only growing in diversity. 

The Hunger Games films are racist and practice whitewashing because they are an adaptation of a book about a diverse nation of people overwhelmingly of color, featuring a prominently white cast. Imagine, if you will, a book set in Mexico being adapted with a mostly white cast of actors. ‘Well, there are white people in Mexico’ you’d say. Actually, no you wouldn’t, because that’s ridiculous. Of course there is a small white population in Mexico, and a proportionate number of white actors could be included to demonstrate this, but the majority of Mexicans are Latin@, and they would feature in the cast. The same way, North America (and Panem, which -cough includes Mexico cough-) in a couple hundred plus years will be a country made up mostly of diverse people of color. The Hunger Games films should feature mostly people of color, but they don’t. There are still a handful of roles yet to be cast, but as of right now Enobaria will be the only person of color in Mockingjay, and she only has one line in the book.

Really, it’s not surprising. Hollywood does this. A lot. That doesn’t make it excusable, though. The fact that it’s such a common occurrence makes it even more despicable, and I will keep speaking out about it.

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